4 steps to move forward with confidence

Do you feel that you are not reaching your full potential because of a lack of confidence? 
Have you ever experienced the ‘Imposter Syndrome’ where you doubt your abilities and worry about being ‘found out’ in your role at work?
Would you like more confidence to achieve your dreams?

When you lack confidence, it can impact everything and there is no doubt that confidence is inherently linked with success. Confidence is required to communicate with people around you, confidence gives you the power and with confidence comes the ability to assert yourself in challenging situations, influence, build trust and connect with people.    

So what is confidence? Where does it come from and how can we get more of it? 

You may believe that if you have enough knowledge this will increase your confidence.  Yet so many highly qualified people feel they are not worthy of the jobs they do. Confidence isn’t about knowing it all.

 ‘Air of confidence’?  You can sense it from a persons’ body language and the way they speak but the reality is, confidence is a state of mind that is directly linked with our thoughts and emotions.  Thinking positively and letting go of old limiting beliefs will help your confidence to skyrocket. 

4 steps to move forward with confidence

  1. Think Positive – Practising the Meditation on Twin Hearts has been shown to help your thought patterns become more positive and in turn, this will help you grow confidence from the inside.  Try practising this meditation for at least one month and notice the subtle changes in your thought patterns 

 2) Focus on Success – No matter what task you have in front of you, visualise yourself succeeding. Ensure that you are setting yourself clear goals and break these down into step by step tasks.  This process not only helps you plan and make the goals seem more achievable but helps more energy to flow to your goals.

 3) Stand Tall – Posture and body language can have a huge impact on how we feel.  Standing tall with an open posture allows energy to circulate through our entire body, invoking chemical reactions that can very quickly give you a sense of power and boost in confidence, perfect if you have an important meeting or presentation to give.  

4) Erase Your Fears – Deep-rooted fears can prevent you from confidently moving forward.  Understanding and learning systematic techniques to remove these fears can help you take giant strides forward.  These powerful techniques are taught in Pranic Psychotherapy and can be applied on yourself and others.

Discover the confidence to achieve your dreams, believe that you have the power to transform your life. 

Join us for the practical course to learn to remove those fears, limiting thought patterns & self-sabotaging actions.

 Pranic Psychotherapy course with Les Flitcroft at the Holiday Inn Maidenhead 3rd November 2019 

MCKS Charitable Foundation UK – Highlights

Charity Today Awards

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK (Charity Reg. No: 1148690) is delighted to announce that it has won ‘The Charity Today Awards Community Impact Award 2019’

The charity wishes to extend its thanks to all those who have made this possible. Your support is essential to the continuing development of the charity.  Your generous donations meant we were able to donate a total of £301,000 in the year ending 31.1.2019

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK donates funds to a diverse range of carefully selected UK registered charities. The charity only chooses charity partners where the funds go directly to helping those in need.

 Recent Donations

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK recently donated £20,000 to First Days Children’s Charity.

First Days helps families at a time of crisis – when they need something for their children and simply cannot afford it. 

4 million children in the UK are living in households whose income falls below the poverty line. This means that, after they’ve paid for their housing and utilities, they have just £19 per day to live on. 2019 has seen a marked increase in referrals to First Days who in the four-month period March-June has helped on average 175 children each month.

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK learnt of families who had to choose between purchasing food and buying school uniform. Some children had never owned a ‘new’ pair of shoes until they’d received a pair from the charity.

Some of the donations will be used to fund three ‘Referrals Co-ordinators’ who will help put together essentials packages for families living in poverty.

To find out more about First Days Children’s Charity, visit https://www.firstdays.net

The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK will be announcing further donations to worthy causes soon. Keep a lookout on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages for updates

 Where do donations come from?

 The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK receives funds from a variety of sources including Individual donations, Relaxation & Wellbeing groups, Volunteers run over 200 Relaxation groups and those attending these events are able to make voluntary donations,

Charity donation boxes at the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland courses, Fundraising activities

How we work with Charities

As well as financial support the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK offers voluntary services and support for the future including:

 Relaxation & Wellbeing Pranic Sessions for Charity users, Staff & Volunteers

Children’s Relaxation and Wellbeing sessions

Wellbeing Seminars

We would like to thank those that regularly volunteer on behalf of the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK at our selected partner charities.

 Prana Sports

‘Prana Sports’ team have been busy taking part in various activities. These include an Inflatable Obstacle course, Run Gatwick, Two Hour Dance Marathon, Run Reigate and the recent Windsor 10k. Not only do members of the team participate in these events, but they also offer Pranic Sports treatments to event participants and supporters for a donation to MCKS Charitable Foundation UK.

If you could spare a few hours at one of these events, please contact the team at pranasportuk@gmail.com

UK Charity Week


The MCKS Charitable Foundation UK is pleased to be an official partner of UK Charity Week – 2nd to 8th December 2019.

The ‘Prana Vibes’ team are busy organising a dance marathon for Saturday 7th December. There will be various Relaxation and Wellbeing groups taking place during the week. 

If you would like to host your own ‘fun’ fundraising event during UK Charity Week, please get in touch at charity@ukpranichealing.co.uk

The team would love to hear from you!