Help teenagers breeze through interviews & life!

Would you like to discover simple success secrets and help teenagers before it’s too late?

Many of us know only too well the pressure job interviews can have on us physically, emotionally and mentally. We may struggle with fear, panic and pangs of self-doubt during these seemingly stressful situations. It can take years of pain to learn how to be calm, happy and focused in interviews so the earlier we learn to deal with them the better. Imagine mastering stressful situations from a young age with the advantage of sparing teenagers years of future interview anguish.

What if there were some easy to apply techniques you could learn to relax and create positive self-esteem to increase a teen’s likelihood of getting hired? 

In a survey of 2,000 bosses questioned, a third indicated that they knew within the first ninety seconds if a candidate was suitable for a post with ‘non-verbal’ indicators accounting for 55%. The candidate’s general presence, confidence and body language tipped the decision as to whether they were made a job offer.

A way to understand ‘non-verbal’ communication is to see it as ‘energy’.

Energy is pervasive and affects all areas of our lives, through our health and mental wellness, in our relationships and through our finances.

Have you ever walked into a room and it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right? Or have you stood next to someone in a queue, and felt like you needed to distance yourself?

We all have an internal antenna which picks up on this ‘energy’

The great news is that by learning simple techniques taught at Pranic Healing courses you can learn the importance of this energy and ‘fine-tune’ your antenna. You will understand how to radiate success and attract prosperity. 

You will learn how to feel calmer and happier, have inner peace and more clarity – much needed attributes to be successful in stressful situations such as job interviews.

You will learn practical skills to use energy to improve the quality of your life and that of others through:

  1. Breathing – a specific method found to flush out stress energy within the system to rapidly bring a sense of calm.
  2. Meditation on Twin Hearts – a scientific study found that this particular meditation decreased heart and respiratory rates so great for calming nerves.  It increased: gamma wave brain activity, memory recall, sensory perception, ability to synthesise information, more focused attention, compassion, feeling of oneness, more joy and inner peace.
  3. Pranic Healing – using non-touch techniques learn how to remove stress and negative emotions from the energy body. Tackles fears, phobias and even addictions which can sabotage success.

Whether you want to be able to help teenagers breeze effortlessly through interviews and land the right job or are looking to help yourself and your family in any other life situation before it’s too late, then don’t delay, register for a Pranic Healing course today.

Men’s Health Day Special

It’s well known that men tend to be solution-focused and like to fix things. They like to take objects apart just to see how they go back together.

Practical, capable, problem solving is highly respected attributes. The ability to focus on a task and see it through to successful completion is an indispensable quality. 

Whilst men have the mindset to fix things, unfortunately, many men of all ages can really struggle when it comes to ‘mending’ their own minds. 

Recent statistics indicate a worrying trend. According to Movember, globally, every minute a man dies by suicide. 

In the UK, 75% of suicide cases are male.

Many charities are addressing the issues men face by looking at mental health through a male lens focusing on prevention, early intervention and health promotion. They are working towards a world where men take action to be mentally well and supported by those around them.

Many men deal with stress by turning to a pint with a mate, releasing pent up emotions at a football match or taking themselves off for a long run or bike ride. 

In moderation, these helpful coping strategies are like release valves but deep down they don’t necessarily get to the underlying causes of the mental health condition. Left unattended, too much pressure and stress on the mind can lead to psychological and often physical ailments.

The mind can be compared to a computer processing data. The data of the mind being unhelpful thoughts and emotions. Left unattended with too many programmes running a computer can crash. 

The mind is no different if it becomes overloaded and weighed down with worries, doubts, fears and concerns it can crash bringing down the physical body with it. Health, relationships and financial problems can all add to the mental burden.

Once a computer is cleaned up, de-fragged and a rebooted the restoration process can begin – the same applies to the mind.

So what tools can men use to help clear the mind and propel themselves to a happier, healthier place?

By learning simply to use practical techniques, men can learn to take charge of their wellness and become successful at well being.  

Pranic Healing is a non-touch energy-based system which includes specific breathing techniques, special exercises, advanced meditation, pranic treatments and much more.

Used globally in over 126 countries this self-development approach to physical, emotional and mental health is helping men transform their lives on a daily basis.

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Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course

Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course
New Dates to be Announced


Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course is your first step into Arhatic Yoga System.
It’s a prerequisite to attend Arhatic Yoga Retreat.



Do you want to be the best version of yourself and fulfill your potential?
Would you like to be happier, more focused and in control of your mind?
Discover the secrets to remove vices, weaknesses and to enhance your character strengths.
Learn the ultimate self-development package for success in all areas of your life.

What do you learn in Arhatic Yoga Preparatory course?
Arhatic Yoga Prep Course introduces you to to a step by step system that can be easily incorporated into daily practice. This practice enables a person to remove old self-sabotaging patterns, physical and psychological ailments, relationship problems and financial issues. When practised regularly, it helps to cultivate a still and calm mind and develop willpower, higher intuition and achieve your goals with greater ease and higher focus. The Arhatic Yoga system helps a person to become “spiritual” in true sense. A spiritual person refers to a person who is dynamic, courageous, wilful with an intelligent mind. Spiritual people have their hands reaching up to heaven but their feet are firmly rooted to the earth. 

Origins of Arhatic Yoga:

“ARHATIC” is derived from the word “arhat”, meaning a highly evolved person. Arhatic Yoga originates from China, India and Tibet. It synthesises and integrates all yogas. Learn and experience the essence and powers of the 7 yogas: Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Laya/Kundalini yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Mantra yoga and simplified Hatha yoga. MCKS Arhatic Yoga gives you the inner teachings that are not publicly taught. Life in the 21st century is getting faster and busier. These ancient techniques have been developed into a step by step system that can be easily incorporated into a daily practice for modern times. In nutshell, Arhatic Yoga System you learn

  • The true science of your body, mind and soul
  • How to remove obstacles such as physical and psychological ailments, relationship problems  and financial issues
  • Highly advanced character building techniques 
  • Powerful methods to develop willpower, intuition and receive higher frequencies of energy 
  • Practices to still your mind and heighten your awareness
  • To increase your charisma, healing powers, sexual energies and other qualities as your energetic system increases in size and power
  • Effortlessly diffuse crippling negative emotions to allow you to take control of your mind
  • The secrets behind the hidden laws of your life to help give you direction
  • To incorporate highly efficient and effective techniques that can enhance all areas of your life into daily routines 
  • And much, much more….

Arhatic Yoga Retreat

Arhatic Yoga Retreat
New Dates to be Announced



Do you want to strengthen your Arhatic Yoga practise with personal experiences and guidance from the best in the world?
Would you like time out for you to relax, have fun and calm your mind?
Discover Higher and more Powerful Teachings to further accelerate your development.
Experience inspiration & fresh teachings through videos of Master Choa Kok Sui, as well as deeper purification & intense meditations with fellow Arhatic Practitioners

“The purpose of the Arhatic Retreat is to stuff, stuff and stuff the students with Spiritual Energy!”
– GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui –


At UK Arhatic Yoga Retreat you will:

  • Be reminded of the Teachings and fine-tune your practice
  • Get Clarification on techniques and exercises
  • Purify your physical, etheric, emotional and mental systems
  • Purge stress and negative energies from people and day to day situations
  • Practice Intense Meditations every day to experience peace, clarity and lighter
  • Daily powerful water purification in a heated pool to cleanse your physical, etheric, emotional and mental systems to rid emotions of your past 
  • Have your goals & Kriyashakti projects blessed for faster manifestation
  • Share fellowship and special time with fellow Arhatic Practitioners & the Masters
  • And much, much more…

Set aside time for yourself to cultivate your spiritual development that’s of permanent value and will be yours to keep forever. 

Arhatic Yoga Levels

Arhatic Yoga Levels
New Dates to be Announced



Do you want to be the best version of yourself and fulfill your potential?
Would you like to be happier, more focused and in control of your mind?
Learn the secret alchemies to develop your life further and quicker.
Continue the ultimate self-development package for success in your life to the next level.


Click on the picture below to watch a short video of Les & Master Co talking about Arhatic Yoga Levels

Arhatic Yoga Level 1

NOTE: MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 1 and Level 2 are now two separate courses. This is to ensure that the students have diligently practised Level 1 before learning Level 2. Pre-requisite: Practicing Arhatic Prep for 2+ years.

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 1 involves the rapid activation of the chakras and opening of the major meridians to allow more higher frequencies of energy and Spiritual energy to flow through your system.

Typically, you will experience an increase in the size of your energy centres by 100% to 300%, depending on the ability of the body to handle intense frequencies of energy.

You will also notice your healing abilities increase tremendously and will have less chance of being depleted when healing or dealing with negative situations.

Each of your chakras has inherent powers:

  • Crown: intuition, spiritual connection
  • Ajna: willpower, abstract thinking faculties
  • Throat: creativity, detailed thinking
  • Heart: compassion, sensitivity to subtle energies
  • Solar Plexus: competitiveness, courage
  • Navel: instincts, the storehouse of energy
  • Sex: charisma, creativity
  • Basic: dynamic activity, physical power

By activating these chakras your inherent emotional and psychological strengths are magnified. MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 1 will rapidly accelerate your spiritual evolution and most importantly your ability to do service.

Each higher level of MCKS Arhatic Yoga generates approximately ten times more energy than the previous one. This would mean that a good foundation is critical if you are interested in applying for MCKS Arhatic Level 1.

Please diligently practise the techniques you were given in Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level, including Meditation, Purification and especially Service / Tithing.

Arhatic Yoga Level 2

NOTE: Arhatic Yoga Level 2 requires a concentrated practise of Arhatic Yoga Level 1 for at least a minimum of 1 year. After which one can apply for Arhatic Yoga Level 2. Pre-requisite: Practicing Arhatic Level I for 1+ years.

Each higher level of MCKS Arhatic Yoga generates approximately ten times more energy than the previous one. This would mean that a good foundation of Prep and Level 1 are critical if you are interested in applying for Level 2.

Consistent practice of Meditation, Purification and especially Service and Tithing are required and very important. Part of MCKS Arhatic Level 2 is understanding meditation, which means high level intuitional and creative work.

The other part is creating alchemies by combining higher and lower alchemies, enhancing the combinations of the higher frequencies of chakras to the lower frequencies of chakras increasing your will power, intelligence, your creativity and much, much more…


Arhatic Yoga Level 3.1

NOTE: Arhatic Yoga Level 3.1 requires the diligent practice of Level 2 techniques, as well as those in Preparatory Level. Pre-requisite: Practicing Arhatic Level 2 for 2+ years.

Arhatic Yoga Level 3.2

NOTE: Arhatic Yoga Level 3.2 requires the diligent practice of Level 3.1 techniques, as well as those in Level 2. Pre-requisite: Practicing Arhatic Level 3.1 for 1+ years.

A good foundation is critical when moving to a higher level. MCKS Arhatic Level 3 requires a diligent practice of Levels 1 – 2 so your chakras are sufficiently large enough to accommodate the tremendous down pouring of spiritual energy. 

Consistent practice of Meditation, Purification and especially Service / Tithing are required and very important.

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 3 ushers you into the inner teachings of the Adepts (a level of development of the Soul) and Masters.

You will practice inner alchemy. By combining alchemies you will enhance your physical, emotional and mental stability.

The chakras, the Kundalini Shakti and the Soul Force are used in an alchemical process that rapidly produces the much-coveted Golden Body. In electrical terms, gold is the most effective conductor of electricity. Having gold in your energy system makes you superconductive to higher frequencies.

Other yogic traditions would normally take 30 – 50 years to achieve, with MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 3 and consistent practice, you can achieve this in as little as 5 years.

MCKS Arhatic Level 3 also rapidly builds the Rainbow Bridge of Light, enhancing your connection to the Soul.

By practising MCKS Arhatic Level 3 your Soul development is enhanced tremendously and even more secrets of life will be divulged. Of course, a good foundation is critical when moving to a higher level. MCKS Arhatic Level 3 requires a diligent practice of Level 1-2 so your chakras are sufficiently large enough to accommodate the tremendous down pouring of spiritual energy. 

Soothe your stress and feel revitalised this season – Gift Yourself Pranic Healing

Do the gloomy winter months affect your health and overall energy levels? Do you feel stressed and get recurrent coughs, colds and sniffles? 

Would you like to know the key to lifting your mood and having vitality so you bounce through the winter months feeling energetic and happy? 

Exposure to sunlight increases the brain’s release of a hormone called Serotonin. A lack of Serotonin due to seasonal patterns has been linked to a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder ‘S.A.D’ 

Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel a sense of calm and focus. Research suggests that most people feel happier in the summer months. When the radiant ball of light shines in the sky people have much more energy and feel brighter. In the winter months, there is less energy from the sun which affects many people.

Artificial solar lights have been found to provide the closest spectrum of light to that of the sun. Whilst effective this artificial light can never fully replace sunshine as it does not have the same makeup as natural light. The good news is that Pranic Healing can really help.

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilises ‘prana’ to heal the whole body. The word ‘prana’ stems from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘vital life force’ or energy. Prana surrounds us all and comes from the sun, the air, and the ground. These natural resources are used in Pranic Healing to balance the energy of the body bringing health and vitality to the system. Quick and simple techniques accelerate the body’s own ability to heal itself, making you feel better quicker. By applying Pranic Healing you can sail through the winter months feeling invigorated and dynamic whilst maintaining good health and beating those germs and viruses.

As with cycles of the seasons, there are also cycles in life. Sometimes things are good and sometimes things are not so good. By regularly using Pranic Healing as a preventative self-care practice you will notice that you will feel better for longer, less stressed and that your quality of life improves in all areas. By offering a gift of a Pranic Healing to yourself or to someone you know, you will be bestowing health and happiness – something we all want and most definitely need.

Find a Pranic Healer near you to book a session.