Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course

Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course
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Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course is your first step into Arhatic Yoga System.
It’s a prerequisite to attend Arhatic Yoga Retreat.



Do you want to be the best version of yourself and fulfill your potential?
Would you like to be happier, more focused and in control of your mind?
Discover the secrets to remove vices, weaknesses and to enhance your character strengths.
Learn the ultimate self-development package for success in all areas of your life.

What do you learn in Arhatic Yoga Preparatory course?
Arhatic Yoga Prep Course introduces you to to a step by step system that can be easily incorporated into daily practice. This practice enables a person to remove old self-sabotaging patterns, physical and psychological ailments, relationship problems and financial issues. When practised regularly, it helps to cultivate a still and calm mind and develop willpower, higher intuition and achieve your goals with greater ease and higher focus. The Arhatic Yoga system helps a person to become “spiritual” in true sense. A spiritual person refers to a person who is dynamic, courageous, wilful with an intelligent mind. Spiritual people have their hands reaching up to heaven but their feet are firmly rooted to the earth. 

Origins of Arhatic Yoga:

“ARHATIC” is derived from the word “arhat”, meaning a highly evolved person. Arhatic Yoga originates from China, India and Tibet. It synthesises and integrates all yogas. Learn and experience the essence and powers of the 7 yogas: Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Laya/Kundalini yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, Mantra yoga and simplified Hatha yoga. MCKS Arhatic Yoga gives you the inner teachings that are not publicly taught. Life in the 21st century is getting faster and busier. These ancient techniques have been developed into a step by step system that can be easily incorporated into a daily practice for modern times. In nutshell, Arhatic Yoga System you learn

  • The true science of your body, mind and soul
  • How to remove obstacles such as physical and psychological ailments, relationship problems  and financial issues
  • Highly advanced character building techniques 
  • Powerful methods to develop willpower, intuition and receive higher frequencies of energy 
  • Practices to still your mind and heighten your awareness
  • To increase your charisma, healing powers, sexual energies and other qualities as your energetic system increases in size and power
  • Effortlessly diffuse crippling negative emotions to allow you to take control of your mind
  • The secrets behind the hidden laws of your life to help give you direction
  • To incorporate highly efficient and effective techniques that can enhance all areas of your life into daily routines 
  • And much, much more….