Pranic Healing Levels 2 and 3

The Better it gets… the Better it gets!

I have been meaning to write this post for weeks… and now weeks have turned into months… and a brand new year.
Last October I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend not just one, but two Pranic Healing courses in my neighbouring Gibraltar: Pranic Healing Level 2 and Pranic Healing Level 3. That is a wonder in itself, but being taught by the one and only Les Flitcroft, took my learning experience – and the magic of that weekend – to a whole other level!

Earlier in 2017, I was blown away by the skills I gained from my very first Pranic Healing course. Level 1 was such an eye-opener into the way we can tap into the very natural resource that is prana, to help heal others and ourselves energetically; quickly, safely and effectively. You can read all about the types of things you will typically learn on a Level 1 Pranic Healing course here.

Pranic Healing is as spiritual as it is scientific.

Broken down from our largest to smallest components, everything within us (and around us) is energy, after all. And what Pranic Healing does in its simplest form, is cleanse the body of negative (diseased) energy, replacing it with positive (life-giving) energy, referred to as prana. This is carried out through the major and minor chakras. And in Pranic Healing, there are an extensive 11 chakras, as well as over two hundred mini chakras. This makes it super effective as an alternative form of healing.


But then it’s the body which does the true work, for it has an innate ability to re-programme itself, to correct any chemical imbalances. It’s quite a beautiful design.

To see a practitioner carry the process out, you are, frankly, reminded of a scene from The Bible, with Jesus healing the sick. But in truth, many religions have hinted that we all have access to this healing energy – not just a chosen few. This is certainly not to downplay the vital role of traditional medicine, however, even after a Level 1 course, the skills obtained are life-changing enough that you will almost certainly find yourself running off to the GP’s surgery a little less. And that’s just for starters.


But today I am going to write a little (for you really have to go on a course to experience the magic for yourself) about the types of skills Level 2 and Level 3 Pranic Healing will equip you with.

Level 2 is a course which essentially teaches us to implement colour prana to heal all manner of ailments and diseases, large and small, from A-Z, no stone left un-turned. Be it the immune system, the heart, cancer, gastrointestinal, respiratory, skeletal, reproductive or a condition of the nervous system, Pranic Healing can help immensely… sometimes even creating ‘miracles’. Again, this is in no shape or form to downplay the vital role of traditional medicine. But PH can act as a brilliant and highly effective complementary therapy.

Since the course I have helped a friend who awaits a lung transplant, treated back problems, joint problems, sore throat, a days’ long migraine (that vanished within the hour), giant insect bites, gingivitis and chronic eczema – all via colour prana healing.

The Level 3 Pranic Psychotherapy course is equally fascinating for it arms us with the tools to treat a vast range of behavioural issues and addictions. It almost seems too simple in its approach to be true… but then you put the methods to the test and the proof is very much in the Pranic pudding.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction can be overcome in a matter of sessions.
Phobias can be weakened and in some cases diminished.
Anxiety and Grief issues can be soothed and often resolved completely.
Anger can be dissipated gently, safely and within minutes.

I have been especially blown away at the number of people I have helped treat for anxiety, grief, anger, depression and stress, using this specific healing technique since the course.

The only way we can measure a treatment’s success in those circumstances is via the feedback we receive from clients. And when we are told patients are sleeping properly, motivated to take positive actions in their lives, feeling light and unburdened, we know we’re definitely not imagining the magical properties of Pranic Healing.

If you make one New Year’s Resolution in 2018, book yourself in for a course and find out more about this very special alternative method of healing today.

For more about Pranic Healing, click here to read all about the fabulous work of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.

– Isabella May


Three Little Words

Three Little Words

Three little words… internally spoken to help transform how you feel to bring about a sense of peace and calmness.

Three little words… recognising we all make mistakes and we can all learn from those mistakes.

Three little words… that can break the chains that bind you together, giving you the chance to really move on.

Three little words… uttered from the heart to internally heal emotional pain and anguish.

Three little words… to release deep seated hurt but still recognise the need for justice and order.

Three little words… stating it is not a matter of who is right or wrong but a matter of doing the right thing.

Three little words… to teach children that will nurture them and allow them to flourish.

Three little words… that can take days, weeks, months or even years to speak.

Three little words…left unsaid that can cause untold misery and ill health.

Three little words… enabling you to be truly free.

Forgiveness, a key to happiness that begins with three little words… “I Forgive You.“

“Inner forgiveness is therapeutic”

Discover how to forgive, forget and truly move forward in your life.


Plug in & Recharge

“The body is a “living battery” that requires constant recharging. MCKS

Have you noticed how much we refer to the word ‘energy’ in our everyday conversations?

We talk about being “full of energy” or we say things like “I haven’t got the energy today.”
Wouldn’t it be good if we could plug ourselves into a greater supply, just as we do with our mobile phones and electronic devices? Imagine being able to easily recharge your body to enable you to function at 100% all day long.

By learning the self development tools taught in Pranic Healing you can gain a deeper understanding of life energy and the energy system of the physical body. You are then able to boost your natural energy levels and remain ‘charged up’.

Think of your body as a battery that can be positively (+) and negatively (-) charged. Simply thinking positively will help to keep your battery levels high. Thinking negatively will drain your battery.

Being around positive people will help to positively charge your personal battery and on the flip side being around people who are negative in their outlook will drain your battery. Energy is transferred from one person to another, this is the principle behind Pranic Healing.

Certain powerful energy generating exercises will have a positive effect on your battery, whereas sedentary and inactive behavior can have a negative effect.

Food, the weather and your environment all play a part in increasing and decreasing your battery.

Learning how to ‘plug in’ and ‘charge up’ using the tools and techniques taught in Panic Healing is simple. You can incorporate them into your day to transform how you feel.

Imagine having enough energy to see you through your work day, your time at home and for all of your sport and social activities. It really is possible with the knowledge you gain from learning  Pranic Healing.

 Transform how you feel everyday!



Relationships – A Game of Ping Pong

“Like quality energy attracts like quality energy. Loving kindness attracts loving kindness. Anger and hatred attract anger and hatred.” MCKS

The word ‘relationship’ according to the Oxford English dictionary state:

“The way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other”

Relationships are an exchange of energy. The quality of your relationships is influenced by your energetic output and environment.

We interact with so many different people throughout our lives. Some of these people uplift us and make us feel happy, positive, energised and motivated. Whilst others can have the opposite affect; leaving us feeling drained, fatigued and sometimes quite low. Sound familiar?

So how do you go about improving your relationships with the people around you?

The starting point is to recognise that we are all individually responsible for the type of energy that we radiate.

Take a moment to consider the type of energy you are radiating at this moment.

Are you reading this feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious? Or are you in a good place; radiating happy, positive energy?

By being aware of the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing you can start to recognise the type of energy you are radiating to others.

Has anyone wound you up today?
How did you react?
Did you give as good as you got?

Have you noticed how some conversations that start civilised can quickly turn into a heated argument? Feelings can get out of control and before you know it, you are both feeling stirred up and batting emotionally loaded words back and forth like a game of ping pong – with each return escalating the argument to another level.

By learning how energy affects every single one of your relationships, you get to understand how to handle people who are a pain in the neck and are able to improve and enhance the quality of your relationships with those you love and want to be around.

Relationship Healing workshops are run regularly by Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.
Explore and experience the ancient art and science of Pranic Healing and how it can be applied to all of your relationships.

Achieving Dreams

“You are your own limitations, if you think it can’t be done, it cannot be done.If you think it can be done, it can be done!” MCKS

Do you have a dream?

Do you imagine a life different to the one you are leading now?

Do you believe that you will achieve that dream or have you accepted that it will never happen in this lifetime.

Achieving what seems impossible at the moment is truly within your reach. Believing that you can make it happen starts with eliminating any doubt that you will get there.

Your thoughts are so much more powerful than you realise. Firm belief that you can achieve your goal is the equivalent to emotional gunpowder.

Your thoughts around your dream, let’s now call it your goal, need to be clear and simple, not complicated.

Is your goal realistic? If it is and you’ve not asked for the moon then going about achieving it becomes so much easier.

Have you written your goal down?

By committing it to paper you will help to physicalise your thoughts. The trick then is to keep your goal close to your heart. Avoid sharing your goal with everyone and anyone. You may be surprised how many people, even those close to you can interfere and affect the outcome. They will find out when the time is right. There is something rewarding about keeping your goal to yourself until it happens.

Be positive about the outcome, believe you can do it, say to yourself you can do it and truly believe it will happen.

Creating the life you desire is within your grasp. Enjoy the journey.

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Higher Courses 2017 with Master Stephen Co

Pranic Healing Level I Changed My Life

And the Lives of Others…

Last month I was lucky enough to attend the most goosebump inducing course I think I have ever been on: Pranic Healing Level 1, which took place locally at the O’Callaghan Eliott hotel in Gibraltar, facilitated by the UK Director of Pranic Healing, the legendary Les Flitcroft.

Now anyone who knows me, knows I’m more than a little open-minded; perhaps that’s a given when you’ve grown up in a place overlooked by Glastonbury’s emblematic Tor. But in truth, Pranic Healing is for everybody, even – and especially – the skeptics.

It is as spiritual as it is scientific.

Broken down from our largest to smallest components, everything within us (and around us) is energy, after all. And what Pranic Healing does in its simplest form, is cleanse the body of negative (diseased) energy, replacing it with positive (life-giving) energy, referred to as prana. This is carried out through the major and minor chakras. And in Pranic Healing, there are an extensive 11 chakras, as well as over two hundred mini chakras. This makes it super effective as an alternative form of healing.

But then it’s the body which does the true work, for it has an innate ability to re-programme itself, to correct any chemical imbalances. It’s quite a beautiful design.

To see a practitioner carry the process out, you are, frankly, reminded of a scene from The Bible, with Jesus healing the sick. But in truth, many religions have hinted that we all have access to this healing energy – not just a chosen few. This is certainly not to downplay the vital role of traditional medicine, however, even after a Level 1 course, the skills obtained are life-changing enough that you will almost certainly find yourself running off to the GP’s surgery a little less. And that’s just for starters.

This morning for example, I woke with a trapped nerve in my upper back. Half an hour after giving myself a PH treatment, I am not only sat bolt upright, but the pain is barely on my radar!

We practiced techniques for so many conditions during the two days, exhaustively, and to the point that we all had the ability and confidence to start using our newfound skills on friends and family – even ourselves, the moment the course was over.

–Tiredness – we can alleviate it BIG time.
– Fever – we learnt how to bring it down quickly and effectively, which is particularly empowering when we find ourselves in a state of meltdown over our children!
– Period Pains – with simple PH techniques, these can be a thing of the past.
– Coughs and colds – the easy-to-learn processes to treat these all too common ailments can speed up the body’s recovery system massively, meaning those lingering winter’s sniffles and splutterings are no more.
–Muscular and skeletal pain – can be significantly reduced, in some cases even remedied completely.

I could go on!

The course also covered breathing techniques to ensure we are maximising our own intake of prana as healers, as well as a very unique “Twin Hearts meditation” which opens up our chakras in the most beneficial order possible, whilst also uplifting the whole of planet Earth.

Sounds a bit woo-woo, the latter?

Only until you remember we are all connected; this is just quantum physics in action. Just like electricity or gravity, not everything needs to be tangible to work!

But as with any kind of declaration, the proof is in the sticky toffee pudding (excuse the cliche but I am a novelist with a sweet tooth, who will sneak confection into everything!) And that leads me on to the most amazing aspect of the course: distant healing.

I’d had the privilege of meeting Les Flitcroft the previous summer, during a magazine interview… and witnessed him carry out a distant treatment on my daughter for her peanut allergy. That was mind blowing enough in itself, but when days later she complained of sore taste buds, working from the back to the front of her tongue, even my rational mind knew there was no way this could be a coincidence, that her body was self-correcting. *As a side note, always get a controlled medical test carried out with your GP/allergist/hospital before giving your child a food they have previously been very allergic to!*

I had also then witnessed a most significant change in my daughter’s behavior further to a course of treatments for “Attachment Difficulty” via Namarta Gulraj, the practitioner for Prana Wellness Gibraltar. The positive impact this has had on not just my daughter, but the whole family, has been quite magical.

But the perfect guinea pig for me as a healer, and even more so as a distant healer, when it came to my own voluntary groupies, was (and still is) my mum. She had had a bad back for as long as I could remember, and her and dad were coming to stay with us for a week’s holiday here in Spain just days after the course, so what better opportunity?

I kid you not, after I’d carried out just one healing session on her – that’s little me, the amateur! – her exact words were “I feel as if somebody has just pegged me out on a washing line.’ Believe me, this is a very good thing, Mum had felt hunched over for quite some time after being told she had some kind of curvature of the spine. I have followed this up with two very specific treatments a week, and not only is she able to sleep easier at night, but the pain has really dissipated into something more like a small niggle… all the while she is still upright. So the very unique process used for distant healing really does work… even after Level 1. I was gobsmacked.

Since then I have gone on to give myself some nice immunity boosting “sweeps” which really do act like rocket fuel in terms of increased energy, and I’ve treated myself for a skin condition, taking the itch away within minutes. So liberating not having to reach for soothing creams like I usually would…

I have successfully helped my son, too, with his somewhat different skin condition: molluscum contagiosum, a common condition in young children whose sweat glands can take time to develop. By using a very simple technique, I have witnessed with my own two eyes how speedily the blisters have dried up. Just incredible.

I have treated my daughter for a minor outbreak of eczema on her face: the next day it was gone.

I have distantly healed the sore aching shoulders of a friend; a friend who doesn’t mince her words! She was surprised, even if she is also open-minded as a qualified Reiki practitioner.

I have successfully alleviated my husband’s cough. He begged to differ initially, but there was no doubt about it: after just 1 treatment, the following morning, his coughing fit was practically half as loud and eventful as the previous morning’s. A couple of days later, it had gone completely.

I have helped alleviate the pain in my dad’s leg. He wouldn’t admit it… but after a long walk, he would normally feel some discomfort, and mum and I knew the treatment had worked when there was a distinct lack of the usual complaints, or requests for bench breaks!

At this point, it’s important to say that the more open and receptive your patients are, the more they will benefit!

I have also given another friend an energy boost to relieve her tiredness, another distant healing treatment, which saw her feeling so full of life that she was cleaning her house from top to toe, and then working on her novel, all in one day.

I am in awe of the things I have learned, eager to take things to at least the next 2 levels with the Colour Prana and Behavioural courses, that are Levels 2 and 3. I’m equally excited to help others as the weeks and months roll on. After all, you’ve got to use it, or you lose it.

And I leave you with this quote from THE Tony Robbins, which I hope will convince you to give this amazing healing a try, if you yourself get the opportunity, as I did:

“My work involves a great deal of travelling and a very intense schedule. After being introduced to Les Flitcroft, Senior Pranic Healer from the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland, he has helped me physically, emotionally & mentally; enhancing my performance and has helped me to work at my optimum levels that I have always been accustomed to.

I have found a genuine soul with an incredible talent to heal and enrich people’s lives.”

For more about Pranic Healing, visit to read all about the fabulous work of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.

Author: Samantha Curtis

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Arguing with Anger

Frequent anger brings bad luck. Use your head. Minimise anger. The purpose is not to surpress emotions, but to regulate them” MCKS

How has your day been so far? Have you found yourself getting wound up by something or someone?

It can be easy to let things wind you up.

Take these examples…
Has someone cancelled on you recently and messed up your plans?
Has someone cut you up in traffic?
Has someone annoyed you with there words or behaviour?

What was your response?

How you react can have an impact not only on your outlook for the rest of the day but also on your health for the rest of your life.

Everything is energy, including anger. Holding on to anger can be like holding on to a piece of hot coal and not expecting to get burnt.
How long will you let it bother you?
How long will you allow it to eat you up?
After a while it really will affect you….ask yourself ‘Is it worth it?’

It is possible to let go of anger, it might take sometime but the benefits to you when you do let go of that intense are immense.
Anger can be seen as a form of suffering and it really doesn’t have to be that way. Your overall wellbeing and sense of calmness are at stake.

Try this…

The next time you are in a situation that makes you feel angry, make a conscious choice to react differently, look at the situation and try and understand it. Take a deep breath then inhale and exhale slowly, use calming words and see what happens.
You can also incorporate a meditation such as Twin Hearts into your life, on a regular basis.
This can quickly disperse feelings of anger. You’ll notice if that same situation occurs again and you’ve been meditating regularly – your reaction will be more positive.

By being aware, understanding and changing your reaction – by not arguing with anger you not only dismantle the situation, you’ll feel peaceful and happy.

You can’t argue with that!

Time to Change the Music?

Don’t you think you sound like a broken record? Don’t you think it’s time to change the music? Don’t you think it’s time to get unstuck? It’s time to be free” MCKS

Everyday is a brand new day, never lived before and one you will never have  again.  Are you making the the most of it or are you replaying the same record over and over and over again?

Do you waste time watching television or mindlessly surfing the web, putting things off and then wishing you had more time to do the things you need to do?

Are you going around and around in circles in your life, not moving forward, not trying new activities and passing up opportunities that could open up brand new chapters?

What’s stopping you from making changes in your life and living the life of your dreams?

You may be surprised how quickly you can change all areas of your life – simply by being aware of your thoughts and thinking differently.


“I don’t like Mondays” is often repeated around the world on a Sunday night. Why do we view this day differently to a any other?  It is still a day with 24 hours in it, a day to be lived to its fullest. It just has a different name.

By simply changing your thoughts around something, you can change your life.

Is now the time for you to change the music.

Find out about a 3 stage personal development system that enables you to realise and maximise your full potential in all areas.

Moving on

“Do not be unhappy. The past is the past” MCKS

What are you holding on to?

Are you congesting your life with unnecessary hoarding?

Do you constantly need more storage at home, on your mobile and on your computer to contain all of your possessions & data?

Do you really need all of it?

It’s no different to the thoughts and emotions we cling on to everyday of our lives. Thoughts and emotions that can overwhelm and engulf our energetic system, like a tight knit cocoon that can eventually consume us and prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Preventing us from thinking straight or functioning as efficiently as we’d like to.

Do you realise that your mind creates between twenty and eighty thousand thoughts per day?

These thoughts are often related to words that have already been spoken, actions already carried out and deeds already done. We can’t change any of it, it’s happened, it’s over, it’s the past.

So we often find ourselves worrying about the past, creating anxieties about the future, generating thought after thought that serves us no purpose other than to take up storage space in our mind.

What are you thinking right now? What thoughts are filling your space? Once you can become aware of your thought patterns you can take the steps to clean and purify your head space.

Now imagine being able to clear your head space at will, on a regular basis. Not only will you feel lighter, clearer, more focused and able to cope with your busy life, you will be making space for more energy to flow around your system which in turn will leave you feeling, re-energised & revitalised.

Incorporating tools & techniques that really do work into your busy daily life is easy once you know how.

Are you ready to de-clutter and move on?

Roller Coaster Lives

“Life is governed by cycles, by change. Sometimes you are up. Sometimes you are down” MCKS

We all lead busy lives, that take us through different experiences, teaching us different things.

Sometimes it is a journey through adversity, grief and trauma which can feel so overwhelming that you don’t always know where to turn to.

Sometimes your relationships are pushed to breaking point.

Sometimes your finances are flowing plentifully inwards and sometimes your money is flowing in torrents out of your hands.

Sometimes you question the reason of life and your purpose, other times you bounce along with no sense of direction just getting through each day.

So many scenarios, so many different situations and challenges facing each and everyone one of us every single day.

Having the energy, the motivation and the tools to manage and cope with the fluctuations you encounter in your every daily lives is within your reach.

Understanding that every single aspect of your life requires life’s energy or prana to function and thrive helps you to realise that it is within your grasp to make changes.

Your health, finances, relationships and spirituality are all affected by energy, prana or life force – that is all around you.

The levels of energy you have is the driving force behind your success or failure in all areas of your life.

So how do you maintain your energetic system to ensure you have an abundance of energy and the courage and strength to cope and deal with life’s rollercoaster ride?

The first step is by realising that you alone can transform how you feel by changing the way you think and react to challenges and situations in your life.

Discover | Experience| Transform

The second step is to make a change. Step off of the roller coaster ride and discover for yourself a system of personal development so easy to learn that it is now in over 126 countries and is being used by millions of people to enhance every area of their lives.

An incredibly simple yet powerfully effective system that is simply transforming peoples lives on a daily basis. Will you let it transform yours?