Carina von Greyerz Beck


About Carina

After losing daughter in a drowning accident July 2006, Carina spent the next 10 years trying to find happiness and inner peace and subsequently read many self-help books and attended several courses, saw therapists and life coaches and learnt different healing modalities. Whilst she experienced temporary short term relief and learnt a lot, she realised that she still felt lost and something was fundamentally missing in her life.

Carina stumbled across Pranic Healing in 2016 when she attended a Self-Development Level 1 Pranic Healing course in Brighton. Carina feels so passionate about her transformation as she continued to learn more about Pranic Healing that she started introducing it to her family & friends by giving them Pranic Healing treatments with seemingly miraculous results.

The joy of seeing how Pranic Healing was alleviating everybody’s ailments inspired Carina to go on to become a Pranic Healing Therapist herself so she could reach out and help as many people as possible.

Carina also facilitates Group Meditations.

FACILITATOR : Group Meditations and seminars

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