Top 5 Compelling Reasons Why Crystal Healing Can Change Your Life

Why do Crystals hold such a fascination with us, and why are highly successful people using them? These stones from the earth are now becoming a hot accessory to those which are finding out about their superpowers. Are there secrets to Crystals and what they can do? Can they really transform your life?

Read our top 5 reasons why these little glittering beauties can do just that

1. Rapid Healing with Crystals

Using a laser crystal during a Pranic Healing session can rapidly help to heal physical or emotional issues. The crystal works like an amplifier, and the healer can heal more complex cases in a shorter period of time. Using a crystal increases the healing power by over 100% and speeds up the healing.

2. Remove negative emotions from your system

Negative emotions such as stress, fear, or anger can be extracted easily from your energy system, enabling you to live a life free from negative belief patterns that are holding you back.

3. Protecting your energies

Specific techniques can be learnt using crystals and gemstones to create barriers or shields so that you don’t absorb unhelpful energies, which can make you feel drained.

4. Promote prosperity in your home or office

Watch your finances improve while you sleep! Certain crystals and a specific technique can draw in these favorable energies to your home or for your business.

5. Bring loving energies into your relationships

Whether you are looking for love, or need some harmony in a current relationship, then crystal healing can help.

Intrigued? Then the Pranic Crystal Course explains the science behind this art, which is empowering and transforming many people’s lives.

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Pranic Healing & Crystals – A Powerful Partnership

Certain negative thoughts, emotions or stress that we create in our lives affect our health. Some 85% of physical ailments are due to stress.

Whether we have had these negative emotions since childhood or if they are new, it doesn’t matter because the beauty of Pranic Crystal Healing is that these negative emotions can be removed from our system quickly and without the need to relive any trauma. Can you imagine walking around feeling happier, lighter and more at peace with one self and others?

You might be wondering what Pranic Healing is, and finding it difficult to comprehend some thing you can’t see. Let alone how the two work together. But just because we cant see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just think about the discovery of electricity. Was it always there?

Pranic Healing is a non-touch energy healing technique, which has been scientifically validated and tested. It is also based on the natural laws of nature.

When a Pranic healer incorporates a crystal in a treatment, it raises the bar; the healing potential can increase by over 100%. The specific movements and the step-by-step process of consecrating the crystal increases it’s power there by rapidly accelerating the healing. What this means is that many ailments can be healed quickly and the healer is able to help more people.

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How To Bring More Positivity Into Your Life Using Crystal Healing

Whether we verbalise it or not, most of us crave for good health, prosperity, happiness and a yearning for a sense of belonging.

Sometimes our words and actions animate the opposite. So why is that? Is it perhaps that deep down we feel that we don’t deserve it? But where did these thoughts and feelings come from in the first place, and how to we remove them to create a happier, positive more fulfilled life?

Our mind creates between 20,00-80,00 thoughts a day. Our mind is like a computer; it never has a day off. We live in a sea of energy, which is pervasive; it affects every area of our lives. If we are stressed, our health and relationships suffer as we have the tendency to take it out on those we love the most!

If we are feeling low and depressed, we physically fee lethargic, we lose our dynamism and the drive to get out there and make money be successful. If we feel disconnected with others, with ourselves, we lose sight of our goals. Being Spiritual means some ones that is connected, dynamic, and has a sharp mind.

Crystals can be used in a Pranic Healing treatment to remove stress and anxiety or any other unhelpful feeling that is within our system, which prevents us from moving forward in life.

Crystals can be worn or placed in the home or office. The various colours are not only pleasing to the eye, but they have specific powerful properties. Certain colours have a cleansing effect on the body, some help to bring more loving energy to you or into an area helping to harmonise relationships or draw in more love for you.

Some activate certain energy centres within you to give you more drive and get up and go, therefore creating prosperity.
Wearing the wrong crystals or gems could cause problems, emotions or financial difficulty, proving that these little gems are more powerful then you can imagine.

Welcome the world of Crystal Healing into your life, if you really want to transform to a positive place. Good health, prosperity, and good relationships what more can one ask for?

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Pranic Healing Levels 2 and 3

The Better it gets… the Better it gets!

I have been meaning to write this post for weeks… and now weeks have turned into months… and a brand new year.
Last October I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend not just one, but two Pranic Healing courses in my neighbouring Gibraltar: Pranic Healing Level 2 and Pranic Healing Level 3. That is a wonder in itself, but being taught by the one and only Les Flitcroft, took my learning experience – and the magic of that weekend – to a whole other level!

Earlier in 2017, I was blown away by the skills I gained from my very first Pranic Healing course. Level 1 was such an eye-opener into the way we can tap into the very natural resource that is prana, to help heal others and ourselves energetically; quickly, safely and effectively. You can read all about the types of things you will typically learn on a Level 1 Pranic Healing course here.

Pranic Healing is as spiritual as it is scientific.

Broken down from our largest to smallest components, everything within us (and around us) is energy, after all. And what Pranic Healing does in its simplest form, is cleanse the body of negative (diseased) energy, replacing it with positive (life-giving) energy, referred to as prana. This is carried out through the major and minor chakras. And in Pranic Healing, there are an extensive 11 chakras, as well as over two hundred mini chakras. This makes it super effective as an alternative form of healing.


But then it’s the body which does the true work, for it has an innate ability to re-programme itself, to correct any chemical imbalances. It’s quite a beautiful design.

To see a practitioner carry the process out, you are, frankly, reminded of a scene from The Bible, with Jesus healing the sick. But in truth, many religions have hinted that we all have access to this healing energy – not just a chosen few. This is certainly not to downplay the vital role of traditional medicine, however, even after a Level 1 course, the skills obtained are life-changing enough that you will almost certainly find yourself running off to the GP’s surgery a little less. And that’s just for starters.


But today I am going to write a little (for you really have to go on a course to experience the magic for yourself) about the types of skills Level 2 and Level 3 Pranic Healing will equip you with.

Level 2 is a course which essentially teaches us to implement colour prana to heal all manner of ailments and diseases, large and small, from A-Z, no stone left un-turned. Be it the immune system, the heart, cancer, gastrointestinal, respiratory, skeletal, reproductive or a condition of the nervous system, Pranic Healing can help immensely… sometimes even creating ‘miracles’. Again, this is in no shape or form to downplay the vital role of traditional medicine. But PH can act as a brilliant and highly effective complementary therapy.

Since the course I have helped a friend who awaits a lung transplant, treated back problems, joint problems, sore throat, a days’ long migraine (that vanished within the hour), giant insect bites, gingivitis and chronic eczema – all via colour prana healing.

The Level 3 Pranic Psychotherapy course is equally fascinating for it arms us with the tools to treat a vast range of behavioural issues and addictions. It almost seems too simple in its approach to be true… but then you put the methods to the test and the proof is very much in the Pranic pudding.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction can be overcome in a matter of sessions.
Phobias can be weakened and in some cases diminished.
Anxiety and Grief issues can be soothed and often resolved completely.
Anger can be dissipated gently, safely and within minutes.

I have been especially blown away at the number of people I have helped treat for anxiety, grief, anger, depression and stress, using this specific healing technique since the course.

The only way we can measure a treatment’s success in those circumstances is via the feedback we receive from clients. And when we are told patients are sleeping properly, motivated to take positive actions in their lives, feeling light and unburdened, we know we’re definitely not imagining the magical properties of Pranic Healing.

If you make one New Year’s Resolution in 2018, book yourself in for a course and find out more about this very special alternative method of healing today.

For more about Pranic Healing, click here to read all about the fabulous work of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.

– Isabella May


Plug in & Recharge

“The body is a “living battery” that requires constant recharging. MCKS

Have you noticed how much we refer to the word ‘energy’ in our everyday conversations?

We talk about being “full of energy” or we say things like “I haven’t got the energy today.”
Wouldn’t it be good if we could plug ourselves into a greater supply, just as we do with our mobile phones and electronic devices? Imagine being able to easily recharge your body to enable you to function at 100% all day long.

By learning the self development tools taught in Pranic Healing you can gain a deeper understanding of life energy and the energy system of the physical body. You are then able to boost your natural energy levels and remain ‘charged up’.

Think of your body as a battery that can be positively (+) and negatively (-) charged. Simply thinking positively will help to keep your battery levels high. Thinking negatively will drain your battery.

Being around positive people will help to positively charge your personal battery and on the flip side being around people who are negative in their outlook will drain your battery. Energy is transferred from one person to another, this is the principle behind Pranic Healing.

Certain powerful energy generating exercises will have a positive effect on your battery, whereas sedentary and inactive behavior can have a negative effect.

Food, the weather and your environment all play a part in increasing and decreasing your battery.

Learning how to ‘plug in’ and ‘charge up’ using the tools and techniques taught in Panic Healing is simple. You can incorporate them into your day to transform how you feel.

Imagine having enough energy to see you through your work day, your time at home and for all of your sport and social activities. It really is possible with the knowledge you gain from learning  Pranic Healing.

 Transform how you feel everyday!