Heide Cussell
Berkshire- Newbury

About Heide

Heide was trained by Les Flitcroft in February 2014 and then proceeded to take all the classes available. With the knowledge she is gaining, her life has changed profoundly. As a qualified Pranic Healing Therapist, Heide is immersed in the practice of Pranic Healing and its teachings.  She uses the tools daily to improve her own life and enhance her spiritual practice. Heide’s background was of an electrical/electronics engineer and so the scientific knowledge that this energy system can be changed but never destroyed was embedded. Her curiosity for many things had allowed her to experience the benefits of a variety of complementary therapies, however Heide found herself training only in the best modality.

She successfully resonated with the MCKS Twin Hearts Meditation for 12 months, discovering its huge personal benefits within 4 weeks of practice and now leads adult group meditations and also for children and teenagers. Heide is particularly captivated in how Pranic Healing benefits children, including those with special needs.  She holds an acute interest in how this healing therapy can alleviate many symptoms attached to conditions such like M.E/CFS. Heide also has a keen interest in the healing support of nutrition, herbs and colour.

HEALING VENUE : Fairbourne Clinic, Wendan Road, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 7AG

HOME/HOSPITAL VISITS : West Berkshire , North Hampshire,

FACILITATOR : Group Meditations

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