Joan Stephson
Hertfordshire  (Watford, Bushey)


About Joan

It was after moving from London to Bushey, Hertfordshire that Joan was introduced to Pranic Healing.  Whilst searching online for a local meditation group, she not only came across the UK Pranic Healing Website but also found that the contact actually lived in Watford at the time. This was an added bonus as it was so near to Joan’s new home in Bushey!

After a healing session with the Pranic Healing Therapist, Joan realised that Pranic Healing was all that was promised and began attending the meditation evenings and very soon afterwards started taking the Pranic Healing Courses.  Joan is now a Pranic Healing Therapist herself who has successfully been using the Pranic Healing techniques since 2013.

Joan offers physical and psychotherapy treatments on a one to one basis from her clinic in Watford.  She also offers a non-touch Pranic Healing Cosmetology.

Based on patients’ testimonies, Joan’s healings have been successful and her patients are happy and well.

Contact Joan for a one to one session for Pranic Healing Therapy or Pranic Cosmetology.


FACILITATOR : Group Meditations

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