Julie Mullins
Berkshire (Reading, Wokingham)


About Julie

After an accident in 2011 left Julie with severe nerve damage to her leg and a diagnosis of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, she tried every therapy she could find to help alleviate the pain. Having received Pranic Healing treatments in 2018, Julie was amazed at how rapid and effective the therapy was. This prompted her to learn Pranic Healing for herself.  Julie attended all the training courses to continue to self-heal, and then started applying it to her family – including her dog!

Julie decided to combine Pranic Healing with her love of horses and dogs, and became a full-time Pranic Healing therapist specialising in animals. She started working with dogs and has now treated many conditions including allergies, seizures, separation anxiety, fear of loud noises and reactive behaviour.

As a horse enthusiast and rider, Julie knows how the fear of getting back in the saddle after a fall can take over, so she expanded her work as a therapist further and now helps both the horse riders and their horses to heal physical injuries and also overcome the emotional trauma that sets in after an accident. Many horse owners have been on the verge of giving up their horse but have rediscovered their passion and confidence after having treatments. Pranic Healing has helped them to build a harmonious and joyful relationship and re-bond with their horses.

Julie has also successfully treated behavioural issues including spooking, napping, loading and stable vices such as box walking, weaving and cribbing.

Julie is a supporter of local horse and dog rehoming charities, and has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of ex-racehorses.

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