Marie O'Brien
Berkshire (Ascot, Bracknell); Hampshire (Hartley Wintney)


About Marie

Marie was diagnosed with a nervous breakdown in 2009 and was very quickly put in the care of a psychiatrist and psychologist at the Cardinal Clinic in Windsor, Berkshire.  After two years of intensive CBT Therapy and high dosages of diazepam and anti-depressant tablets she was released from their care. Although she was so much better, she was left suffering with anxiety and regular panic attacks, with constant headaches and weekly migraines which were completely debilitating.  

With a young family, she was desperate to find help and get her life back.It was at this point she discovered Pranic Healing.  She was completely sceptical at first but with a course of regular treatments she was amazed how it completely cured her headaches and migraines and within 6 months completely cured her anxiety.  Marie has not suffered any panic attacks since then!

At her lowest point she knew that she wanted to help people when she became well. Now her life is full and happy.  Marie is very passionate to help children and adults who are suffering with similar emotional and physical disorders.  

HOME/HOSPITAL VISITS : Ascot, Bracknell, Hartley Wintney

FACILITATOR : Group Meditations, Children’s Meditations

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