Sarah Matthews
Berkshire (Wokingham)


About Sarah

Sarah became curious following repeated episodes of chronic pelvic pain and knew there was an underlying mind body connection. Despite trying numerous therapies and studying the mind/body connection herself she found no relief. Sarah then came across Pranic Healing and through these treatments overcame her chronic pain and found the deep peace of mind that she had been looking for. Sarah soon realised this therapy would be a way of life for her with a new understanding of how her thoughts had an impact on her health.

Sarah trained as a Pranic Healing Therapist herself and loves working with people of all ages to help them to release emotional stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other physical ailments.

She also supports clients undergoing palliative care and those who are reaching the end of their life. End of life care is a uniquely special time.

Sarah creates bespoke treatments for her clients and offers them some simple techniques to empower themselves on their healing journey.

HOME VISITS: Wokingham

FACILITATOR: Group Meditations

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