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About Shweta

Shweta trained as a clinical psychologist and spent the last decade working in the International Development sector. She is passionate about positive social change and was privileged to work across the world helping communities.

Before coming into Pranic Healing, Shweta also explored Reiki, Vipassana, Yoga, Esoteric texts, to understand more about the mind, the body, etc.

Deeply analytical, Shweta spent the first few years practising Pranic Healing on herself and her family – helping, questioning, experimenting, validating and integrating with her earlier training, she gained confidence to take her knowledge to the next level.

Shweta is now a full-time Pranic Healing Therapist and volunteers at Healing Clinics and Meditation Groups in the Greater London area.

For Shweta, Pranic Healing has helped bridge self-development, therapy, counselling, healing and spirituality. It has helped her to connect with like-minded people that support each other towards positive change. This is what she hopes to facilitate for you; a nuanced collaborative approach that best supports you in your journey to wellness – whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing.


Facilitator: Group Meditations

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