Sid Sharma
London- Euston


About Sid

Sid has been practicing Pranic Healing since 2011 and finds it amazing!  As an engineer by education Sid started on a sceptic note when it came to alternate healing modalities but the simplicity and effectiveness of Pranic Healing made him more and more curious.

Sid started with healing himself, then his family and friends. The results that these healings gave inspired him to continue to learn further.  He studies the higher level courses to gain more knowledge until such a time now that Pranic Healing gradually has a way of life!  Sid has enjoyed the benefits of what Pranic Healing has brought in his life and now wants to share this with others.

Since moved to UK from India in 2015 and since has continued his training with Les Flitcroft.

Sid assists in facilitating regular weekly group meditations in Euston, London where he gives one to one Pranic Healing treatments. Sid enjoys working as a Pranic Healer while having a full-time job as an Associate Director at a large multinational corporation in London.  


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