Susan Mills
Sussex- Crawley


About Susan

Susan has been helping people with their physical and emotional ailments as a Pranic Healer since 2005 and continues her practice as a therapist at a private Clinic in Crawley. Susan brings wellness into the workplace and facilitates Adult Meditation Groups and Children’s Meditation groups. 

She regularly volunteers as a Pranic Healer at Crawley Open House in Three Bridges, a support centre for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination, or other forms of social exclusion.

Susan is also an active member of the MCKS Charitable Foundation UK and successfully co-ordinates the activities of the charity with fund raising as well as taking Pranic Healing into other charitable institutions.  

HOME/HOSPITAL VISITS : Crawley Hospitals, East Surrey Hospital

FACILITATOR :   Adult Meditations, Children’s Meditations,

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