Suzy Spratley
Berkshire- Ascot


About Suzy

Suzy Spratley is a full-time Pranic Healing therapist. Her healing career started in 2005 with Les Flitcroft.  

Before establishing her Pranic Healing practice, Suzy trained first as a dental hygienist and then built a strong career in corporate sales. But success came at a price and she began suffering crippling symptoms of stress and anxiety.

In 2004, she ended in up hospital unable to work due to RSI and — desperate for a cure — tried Pranic Healing.

After just a few treatments, Suzy was back at work pain-free and decided to explore whether Pranic Healing could resolve the underlying causes of her stress, which was also manifesting as migraine, heavy smoking, and marital breakdown.

Suzy found profound and lasting relief and once she understood that Pranic Healing works on the root cause of all physical and emotional issues she began studying with Les Flitcroft.

Because Pranic Healing is science-based, it resonated strongly with Suzy’s professional background in dentistry and she quickly found she was able to get extraordinary results by following the documented protocols for specific ailments.

Suzy now has a thriving practice built primarily on referrals and treats clients with a wide range of conditions from her base in Ascot, Berkshire.

HOME/HOSPITAL VISITS : Ascot, Pinner, Northwood

FACILITATOR : Group Meditations, Children’s Meditations, Introduction Seminars

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