Transform your life even further with Arhatic Yoga

We all have unique personalities, beliefs and experiences. They shape us, mould us, and help us to learn and grow. They help us to get further ahead in life as we learn more about ourselves – what we do and don’t want. Invariably, we learn negative behaviours as we accumulate unwanted thoughts and emotions that can hold us back. This can lead to poor physical conditions, becoming over-stressed, anxious and having reduced clarity of mind.

Did you know that Pranic Healing can help?

If you have already experienced a Pranic Healing course, you have taken the first step towards achieving more and gaining empowerment in your life – with practice, it’s possible to improve your physical conditions, reduce stress, help others and positively impact all areas of your life.

Pranic Healing is the fastest growing complementary therapy in the world, with more and more people understanding its science-based approach with amazing yet logical, repeatable and consistent results. It’s a non-touch, energy-based healing system that works at the energetic or base level and thereby addresses the root causes for conditions of the human body. 

Did you know, you can transform your life even further with Arhatic Yoga?

Arhatic Yoga builds on principles learnt in Pranic Healing and uses techniques that have been around for thousands of years. The word ‘Arhatic’ is derived from the word ‘Arhat’ describing a ‘highly evolved being’.  Arhatic Yoga is a synthesis and integration of seven yogas. Taught under the guidance of Pranic Healing Masters who impart their priceless knowledge and wisdom to lead students to the next level of learning and beyond.

One Arhatic Yoga student writes:

“Arhatic Yoga is all about you and your spiritual development and from my very own experiences, the results are nothing short of unbelievable.

I came into Pranic Healing by ‘accident’ and felt drawn to the logical approach and simple techniques. I started off wanting to help my family and was more interested in the physical healing aspect of the modality. After I completed my Level 3 Psychotherapy course, I already started feeling amazing and my life was noticeably changing for the better. Not only was I happier and calmer, I also felt that there was more purpose in my life with others also noticing the positive changes.

I can’t tell you how profound the changes in my life have been since learning Pranic Healing and this has increased tremendously after my first Arhatic Yoga Retreat. From starting out as a complete sceptic and seeing the results for myself, I was still reluctant to attend initially as the unknown was preventing me from taking a further step. This is how most people are in their lives. We stick to what is familiar to us and then get conditioned to maintain the status quo, even if this isn’t optimal. 

If you are practising Pranic Healing, then you know that the techniques work and that the results speak for themselves. You are always encouraged to experiment, validate and to draw your own conclusions. So if you can, then I highly recommend you attend the Arhatic Yoga Retreat. It is truly an incredible experience that is for you and you alone. So try it, validate it and make your own conclusions when you see the results for yourself”.

Interested? Transform your life even further with Arhatic Yoga, starting at the upcoming Arhatic Retreat.

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Prerequisites: Pranic Healing,  Advanced Pranic Healing &  Pranic Psychotherapy






Transform your life with Arhatic Yoga


Would you like to transform and live your best life?

Did you know, there is a simple, daily practise which can help with finances, bring harmony to your work and personal relationships and give you an improved quality of life without having to leave the comfort of your own home?

Arhatic Yoga is an advanced spiritual practise which has a structured series of techniques to enhance every area of your life. 

The practice is engineered to include a set of specially designed meditations to upgrade your energy body. The meditations clear out negative thoughts and emotions in your energetic system, giving you clarity. 

Arhatic Yoga works because it rapidly clears out a lot of ‘excess baggage’.

Many of your thoughts, feelings and emotions are based on previous experiences, so often your actions and future decision processes are sculpted from your past. The mind acts in a kind of prehistoric way, if there is any danger whatsoever, a decision is made from a ‘negative’ past experience. Alarm bells start going off,  physical reactions may occur and the body can go into a fight, flight or freeze scenario. 

When the mind and energy body is clear you will have better clarity and an improved sense of inner peace as you connect with your true self. You will make better decisions for yourself, helping your friends and family. In your workplace, productivity for yourself and others will improve. Any disputes are quickly resolved by breaking down the scenario and working out the steps required with a clear head, without subjective emotions getting involved and clouding your judgement.

Simply put, by regularly practising Arhatic Yoga techniques your relationships and your life will transform for the better. 

Arhatic Yoga has many levels and the first one is Arhatic Preparatory Level. In this course, you will learn how your negative thoughts affect your health, your inner happiness, and what you can do to regulate your emotions and make your physical body stronger.

During the two day course, you will learn the meditations and approved techniques. Every step is validated and tested by yourself.  You are never asked to blindly believe. The techniques are practised extensively so that by the end of the class you will feel confident. Through consistent practice, you will notice your life-changing and transforming in ways you only dreamed possible. 

Don’t delay, choose to transform your life with Arhatic Yoga.  


Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course 2nd & 3rd September 2020

Prerequisite: Pranic Psychotherapy