Hopelessness to Hopefulness

Journeying through life can sometimes feel like participating in a challenging assault course, navigating the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ – within us, or on a global level. Uncertainty can be found everywhere eg television, newspapers, social media, often clouding our thoughts and contributing to a sense of fear, emotional stress and anxiety. If not corrected, over time these overwhelming feelings can give us a sense of hopelessness. 

The recent lockdown has been a testing time for many, increasing these negative feelings of uncertainty and creating overwhelming energy of hopelessness.  It’s fascinating how something we can’t see can affect us so much. 

Worry or Fear energy is something we create energetically with our thoughts, and just like a virus, we can’t see it. We can easily get drawn into the emotions of others and then start to think, speak and act similarly – even if practising social distancing! 

Repetitive thinking of negative emotions such as fear can weaken the immune system, which can then attract germs and viruses. 

So how can we gain control of our mental health, increase our immune system and gain hope and happiness in challenging times?  

How can we shift from hopelessness to hopefulness?

Having clarity is the key to transforming challenging times into a time of opportunity.  By clearing these thoughts and emotions more inner peace and calm is achieved. The good news is by following these simple steps there is hope:

  • Pranic Healing

Practical, easy to use techniques taught in Pranic Healing are perfectly suited to the current climate of social distancing as they are ‘non-touch’.  Healing can be received distantly as it works on one of the many natural laws. It has a cookbook approach to healing, with a ‘recipe’ for every possible ailment. 

The physical body and immune system can be strengthened and the healing complements traditional medicine. There are many on-line Pranic Healing Therapists who offer sessions. You can further your well being by attending the up-coming classes and learning the techniques for yourself. 

  • Breathing

There are various specific, ancient, breathing techniques taught in Pranic Healing which have been tested and validated over many years. These help to flush out the unhelpful energies and recharge the mind and body. There is tremendous power and stillness in the gap of the inhalation and exhalation. Breathing has many benefits on a physical level, such as reducing blood pressure and increasing oxygenated blood around the body.

  • Meditation

The Meditation on Twin Hearts in an ancient advanced meditation technique. It has a powerful flushing effect on the system of negative thoughts and emotions.

The meditation is practised globally with thousands of glowing testimonials. Research studies show many positive factors such as a reduction in anxiety, an increase in positive emotions, an improved sense of hopefulness and happiness.

During challenging times we are being stretched to look at ways to adapt, to survive and therefore thrive!  Visit a Pranic Healing Therapist, participate in an online Meditation event or Live Stream and use this time to go within, reflect and find the gift of opportunity to enhance your life in all areas.

To shift from hopelessness to hopefulness visit:

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Hope and Healing – the Road to Happiness


pink balloon lot on air during daytime

Most of us thrive from having choice and opportunities. The more choices we have, the happier we can feel, knowing we have a sense of control. We are constantly faced with decisions to make and choose the paths that we believe will enrich our lives and bring us closer to our goals. Sometimes however the decisions we make aren’t always those that will bring happiness into our lives.

Society implies that we must gain certain things in life in order to be successful and can make us feel that without reaching these goals, we won’t be happy. These expectations in what we should do in our lives are what can create disharmony within our minds. The good news is, there is a way to disentangle ourselves from this, which will help create more happiness.

When we are unhappy, it’s mainly because something in our life does not live up to our expectations surrounding it. This could be our expectations of our partner’s behaviour toward us, the amount of recognition we deserve at work, how people treat us and so forth. The theme to all of these scenarios is based on external factors that are outside of our control. What we do have control over is how we perceive and react to people and situations.

Energy places a significant role in how we perceive the world around us. We are all individuals who have unique personalities and experiences that influence how we think, how we feel, and ultimately who we are. If we have negative experiences with people, we will tend to see things differently than someone who is always loved and appreciated. So, when different people encounter the same situations, each will have a unique and different perspective.

A bad experience often results in a negative viewpoint. Drilling down deeper, this is actually an energy particle that sits within your energy system. As we get older, these accumulate and a person may find it difficult to see things positively in life.

The good news is, there are ways to rid ourselves of these energy particles which will allow us to see things for what they truly are and live a more positive and fulfilling life. Pranic Healing is a system that brings all of these techniques to people in easy, simple and practical applications to cleanse our systems from unhelpful energies. Just because you can’t see this energy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can see the results, allowing you to feel better physically, emotionally calmer and have a clearer mind.

You can book a session with a  Pranic Healer or you can even take the courses and learn this system yourself. There are also free meditation groups that are run throughout the UK & Ireland and seminars to give a better understanding on how energy works and how it can influence your health, your relationships and all aspects of your life.


To learn more about how Pranic Healing can help you and your loved ones, visit www.ukpranichealing.co.uk

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New Normal – Moving forward with Pranic Healing

How has the ‘lockdown’ impacted you?
Have your motivation and confidence suffered?
Have your finances been hit hard over the last few months?
Are you finding it a struggle to think positively about how to get back to ‘normal’ life?  

The sense of hope that is usually brought about by the start of the Spring season has been overshadowed by the Covid-19 Pandemic across the globe.  An emotional rollercoaster is one way to describe what many people have been going through and for the majority, it has been life-changing. The world has been thrown into unchartered territory and our sense of freedom has been limited like never before.  

Lockdown has tested us all in different ways. What has been a period of reflection for some, for others, has been filled with anxiety and worry? For many, it has been an opportunity to spend precious time with family members, for others it has brought about a strong sense of loneliness.  

Working at home for many people has saved money from the usual daily expenditures like commuting or eating out, but for others, losing jobs or closing businesses has created a looming financial strain.   

Whatever situations you may have experienced so far this year, we all have to face working towards building a ‘new normal’. The good news is, this is a great opportunity to think about our lives and to embrace new techniques to help transform our ways of living.

Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing is designed to help people in all aspects of life including Health, Relationships, Finances and Spirituality. If you have not yet had a Pranic Healing session or considered taking the courses, then there is no better time to do so.  

Having regular Pranic Healing sessions and by learning the techniques for yourself will give you the skills to help improve your physical and mental health, build stronger relationships and develop a clearer sense of who you really are.  

If you are feeling a little ‘stuck’ here are two  important things to consider: 

Positivity – Your thoughts and emotions directly impact the outcomes in each area of your life.  To help yourself move forward in the right direction it is important to create the correct mindset and remove negative and limiting beliefs.  Pranic Healing techniques will help you become more positive.

Proactivity – A lack of motivation or drop in confidence can often follow a period of downtime or feeling unwell. A Pranic Healing session can be the perfect remedy to help reboot your motivation and confidence, helping you to become more proactive to achieve your goals.

As social distancing measures continue to relax, you will soon be able to attend Pranic Healing courses in the UK & Ireland again very soon. 

Book your place now to help move your life in the direction it deserves to go and discover your ‘new normal’. 


Visit: http://www.ukpranichealing.co.uk/eventschedule/

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