Resist Stagnation – Time to Recalibrate

Do you feel like you are stuck in a negative feedback loop, in one or more areas of your life? Are you experiencing a roller coaster of emotions? Do you feel out of balance?  If so, then read on to see how you can recalibrate and get back on track.

In unsettling times the one thing you can be sure of is being able to control your own mind and emotions. But how is that done? By simply taking time out, to take stock of where you are, recalibrate and then take action. 

Having a series of go-to tools and techniques, of which there is an array of within the Pranic Healing system, for self-development, healing yourself and others is invaluable when life becomes a little challenging.

Pranic Healing is science-based and can be learned by anyone to treat yourself, family or loved ones. It is used for a wide range of ailments, physical and psychological and is performed through the application of non-touch energy techniques.

Pranic Healing offers a wide range of courses from healing, to spiritual development, to prosperity courses teaching the science and art of materialisation. There are even courses to help with business management and staff productivity. 

In every course, there are techniques to help clear your mind of any barriers, therefore, developing a sharp mind and enhancing productivity and dynamism. 

“Your mind makes your life hard, clear your mind, life becomes easier” Les Flitcroft 

Spring brings new beginnings. Colourful blossoms and daffodils raise the spirits, indicating that warmer weather and sunnier skies are on the way. 

Time to make a fresh start.

Just as a plant seeks light to grow, rooting down to withstand storms, human beings also need to seek the ‘light’ to connect with the inner self, understanding the self better and taking advantage of opportunities to grow. 

Spring is an ideal time to ‘revamp’ your life.

Top tips to Recalibrate your life

R – Retreat 

Take stock, refresh your point of reference. What are your goals?

E – Evolve 

The only way we evolve and grow is through experience. It’s ok to make a ‘mistake’

C – Carefully Assess 

Take the time to look closely as to what you did and what you could have done to achieve a better result

A – Adjust

In order to evolve, you must be flexible to change

L – Life Audit

It can be hard to look at your life but do you notice any patterns? Is there any underlying emotion or fear that is repeating throughout your life?

I – Iron out

Time to take responsibility. If something needs dealing with that you have been avoiding. Time to smooth it out!

B – Be mindful. 

Be aware of your thoughts, repetitive thoughts tend to manifest

R – Reorder

Have you been set to a rigid routine? If it’s not working. Time to move things around

A – Alert

Stay alert and be aware. If you react, ask yourself. Why did my emotions react that way?

T – Tidy up

A tidy home is a happy home! Declutter your space. By keeping your space clear helps to keep the mind clear

E – Eternal Editing

Life is continually evolving. What works for you now, might not the next year. It’s a continual process. It can also be a great way to see how far you have come and what you have achieved. Schedule monthly, yearly assessments.



3 Ways You Can Benefit from the Pandemic

It may be just another morning, but unlike a year ago, I can feel the warmth of the sunlight radiating through the window. I can hear the distant sound of birds chirping. I can sense the beauty and the stillness of the outside world that I once never noticed.

There’s no doubt that this has been a long and trying year for many of us. But with certainty, there is always a calm after every storm. And as we approach normality once more, it’s necessary to re-adjust ourselves to a new and better way of thinking, feeling and being. 

In a sense, much has been taken away from our lives – our ability to see and interact with our friends and loved ones, our freedom to go where we want, when we want. And for some, the certainty of our health and our jobs. But what if this is a hidden opportunity for us to change and improve? 

Here are 3 things you can learn and benefit from this pandemic:

Slow Down

We live in a world where we have too much choice and are overloaded with too much information. And with technology, there are many things available to us – all at the touch of a button. But because time is still limited, you may tend to scatter your attention and do too many of the things that are detrimental to your health and wellbeing. 

If you didn’t choose to slow down over the past year, then you may find that you were forced to. But however it happened, it’s been a time for you to stop doing too many things at once, and to focus on what really matters.

Reflect on What’s Important

Once the falling pieces have had time to settle, it’s important to reflect on your own life and decide what’s important for you moving forward. If you weren’t completely happy with your life before all of this started, then this is the chance to decide how you want things to change. Maybe there were people in your life that drained you and you need to move on. Or similarly, maybe you’ve realised that you want to make more time for the people you truly care about.

Appreciate What You Have

When you don’t have very much, you will appreciate what you have even more. A homeless person will savour each and every meal as they don’t know when they will have their next. A child with only a handful of toys will make use of and love each and every one. And a person with a few good friends will make time and appreciate the people they have in their life. 

So, the next time you’re able to choose from the many options you might have had before, perhaps you’ll appreciate the simple things more and think twice about what you thought you needed to make you happy. Because it’s not the things or even circumstances that create happiness, it’s how we perceive the things we already have in our lives.

To find out more on how you can learn simple and effective ways to improve your health, your mindset and even your relationships, visit: for all upcoming courses and seminars.


Recalibrate Your Health as You Navigate the ‘New’ World

Are you feeling anxious and unsettled about the easing up of restrictions?

Would you like to embrace life from a fresh, new stress-free perspective? 

Is there an easy answer to effortlessly dialling back into the outside world?

How can the long-lasting effects of our individual experiences of the Coronavirus pandemic ever truly be overcome?

A year after the pandemic first hit the western world and many of us are inevitably still struggling with our mental health. In some cases, this has taken such a toll on our minds that it has, in turn, even gone on to affect us physically. Three such examples being the documented rise of ailments such as migraine, sleep apnea and irritable bowel syndrome over the pandemic’s course. 

Just because we can now begin to reclaim parts of our old lives and routines; the children returning to school, counting down the days until household get-togethers, the shops/pubs/cafes/restaurants soon re-opening, the promise of overseas holidays, it doesn’t mean we are immune to a wobble. The changing of the guidelines is more than welcome, but as we move out of lockdown, we are not quite the same people we were at the start of it… and neither is anybody else! 

The past twelve months have been unprecedented. In our modern-day societies, we have never collectively experienced such an acute loss of freedom and uncertainty before. As such, it is only natural that the health effects of the pandemic can linger if we let them.

The great news is: we do have a choice there!

When we make recalibration our priority, we can go with the flow as we step outside again and re-appreciate the many gifts we had perhaps taken for granted, enjoying the beauty of it all.

Here’s where Pranic Healing is absolutely priceless. The techniques and protocols taught on a Pranic Healing course enable us to keep ourselves above the chaos and drama of everyday life so that we are more than just treading water; they allow us to face life’s changes and obstacles calmly, with a clear mind and a heart full of joy and gratitude for every single moment and experience, knowing that it is all for our soul’s expansion. 

Courses cover so many topics on all aspects of life, but when it comes to healing the after-effects of the pandemic, the skills taught on the Level 1,2 and 3 courses are invaluable, dealing with physical and psychological health conditions. And you will learn some super effective ways of recalibrating your relationships too… which is incredibly handy now that larger real-life gatherings are on the cards. We all have that visceral need to feel the energy of others around us – via Skype or a Zoom call it is just not the same – but naturally, after so much time apart from our family, friends and work colleagues, it’s going to take a bit of fine-tuning to navigate our way through social situations. Thankfully, with Pranic Healing, such concerns are a thing of the past, and the tools learnt can easily and quickly be applied to pave the way for smooth interactions. 

One of the most effective ways we can ensure we are giving ourselves a soothing self-care routine regularly is via the wonderful Twin Hearts meditation. The Institute of Pranic Healing UK and Ireland hosts regular online Twin Hearts meditations. This unique pathway to inner peace is like taking a spiritual shower, and PH students do it every single day to remove the thousands of negative thoughts (which all of us experience daily), replacing them with an innate sense of well-being and serenity.

Could there be a better gift to yourself than following your curiosity and signing yourself up for a course today?

To find out more about upcoming courses in the UK, click on this link:

3 Ways To Prepare Your Mind & Body For The New Beginnings of Spring

Everywhere we look, there are wonderful signs of Spring. It’s a welcome sight after the winter months and helps us focus on hope after the past challenging year. 

Take a moment to pause and think about how you feel right now, at this moment. Do you find yourself feeling tired a lot of the time? You might even be feeling a bit lacklustre or finding it hard to get motivated? After the dark winter months, it’s time to prepare your body and mind for the new beginnings of Spring and embrace the light, warmth, optimism and bursts of nature this time of year brings.

Here are our 3 ways to do just that:

1) Boost your immune system

As we come out of winter, give your body the physical boost it needs to recover and rejuvenate, ready for Spring. 

Regular exercise and healthy eating are great ways to support a healthy immune system. Perhaps you have developed some habits over lockdown you wish to turn around? Now is the time. 

As Pranic Healers, we treat the physical body to help boost the immune system by removing old negative energy and replacing it with fresh, new energy or prana.  By cleansing your energy, your body can renew, regenerate and reach optimum health. Once you have a robust immune system, your body can more easily fight disease. 

You learn how to do this from the first level of Pranic Healing training to benefit yourself and your family and friends.

2) Keep a clear mind

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and find it affects your physical body too? Perhaps you have trouble sleeping or trouble with your digestion? Keeping a clear, healthy mind can help you take full advantage of new beginnings, appreciate every life moment fully and see the potential in your life events. 

Meditation is a great way to help clear your mind of unwanted negative thoughts and energy. It can help give you a clearer perspective, flush out negative thoughts, promote inner peace and help you make better decisions.

3) Remove the fear that’s holding you back

If you constantly find yourself in a negative spiral of thinking, it’s most often caused by fear of some kind. Fear can hold us back and stop us from welcoming the new beginnings the universe means us to experience. In Pranic Healing, we learn that removing fear can set us free, putting us on a path to inner peace, good health and prosperity. Stress and worry might be prevalent in your life right now for many reasons, but learning to deal effectively with these emotions can help you develop an outlook of optimism and hope. 

As we look to the future and welcome Spring, prepare your body and mind to take full advantage of the new beginnings it will bring. Help your body to embrace warmer weather, enjoy good health and fitness. Help your mind to see the joy in every moment and to look ahead with positivity and optimism. 

Would you like to find out more about how Pranic Healing can help you prepare your mind and body for new beginnings? 

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