Soothe your stress and feel revitalised this season – Gift Yourself Pranic Healing

Do the gloomy winter months affect your health and overall energy levels? Do you feel stressed and get recurrent coughs, colds and sniffles? 

Would you like to know the key to lifting your mood and having vitality so you bounce through the winter months feeling energetic and happy? 

Exposure to sunlight increases the brain’s release of a hormone called Serotonin. A lack of Serotonin due to seasonal patterns has been linked to a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder ‘S.A.D’ 

Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel a sense of calm and focus. Research suggests that most people feel happier in the summer months. When the radiant ball of light shines in the sky people have much more energy and feel brighter. In the winter months, there is less energy from the sun which affects many people.

Artificial solar lights have been found to provide the closest spectrum of light to that of the sun. Whilst effective this artificial light can never fully replace sunshine as it does not have the same makeup as natural light. The good news is that Pranic Healing can really help.

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilises ‘prana’ to heal the whole body. The word ‘prana’ stems from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘vital life force’ or energy. Prana surrounds us all and comes from the sun, the air, and the ground. These natural resources are used in Pranic Healing to balance the energy of the body bringing health and vitality to the system. Quick and simple techniques accelerate the body’s own ability to heal itself, making you feel better quicker. By applying Pranic Healing you can sail through the winter months feeling invigorated and dynamic whilst maintaining good health and beating those germs and viruses.

As with cycles of the seasons, there are also cycles in life. Sometimes things are good and sometimes things are not so good. By regularly using Pranic Healing as a preventative self-care practice you will notice that you will feel better for longer, less stressed and that your quality of life improves in all areas. By offering a gift of a Pranic Healing to yourself or to someone you know, you will be bestowing health and happiness – something we all want and most definitely need.

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Stress Extractors: Bring Harmony into your Life

Could your surroundings be making you feel stressed?   Have you ever been to places where you’ve felt uneasy and you couldn’t work out why?  We all strive to keep our homes and workspaces clean and tidy but we’re not aware of the negative energies around us that we might be absorbing.  

By implementing four simple yet highly effective tools, you can create a soothing stress-free environment that you deserve.

Crystals have recently been in popular demand as more people become aware of their wonderful healing properties.  Not only can you use them to bring a sense of calm into your life but they can also attract prosperity as well as protect you, your family and your surroundings from what is sometimes termed as ‘psychic attack’   In order to truly learn the secrets of crystals and how to harness their powers then come along to our next Pranic Crystal Healing course this November. 

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Pictures hanging on our walls are used for visual impact but what emotions do they evoke in you when you look at them?  If you find yourself being drawn to sad, dark or chaotic art then ask yourself why?  Being exposed to certain pictures could be creating more stress in your life so look more to what will inspire and uplift you.   Pictures have an effect on your mood so surround yourself with ones that emanate positivity bringing harmony, stability, good health and abundance into your home and work life.

Plants are an easy and useful way to clean up your environment as well as bring a little bit of nature inside to improve your mood.  The cactus plant often seems to feature as a stylish addition to fashionable interiors but in fact, these plants can help a great deal to remove stress and negative energy from your home or workspace with a few simple techniques.  Learn more at the Psychic Self Defence course in November, to book go to

Incense has long been used in many cultures and traditions around the world as a daily ritual and for very good reason as it is highly efficient in cleansing any undesirable energies.  Whether someone has been radiating intense worry in the bedroom or there have been angry exchanges in the kitchen, we can walk into those spaces and unknowingly absorb and take on these feelings into our own emotional system.  Once we understand the benefits of lighting incense, try Sandalwood for effective disintegrating properties, you find that all negativity dissipates making way for a fresh welcoming space to enjoy being in.

Come to join us at our Pranic Crystal Healing and Psychic Self Defence courses in November. To learn many more valuable tips, click on  for details.

Crystal Clear! How to enhance your life with Crystals?

Do you have a fascination with crystals and gemstones? Are you interested in understanding more about them?  Do you wonder about their uses? Are you aware that technology today is enabled and powered by a variety of different crystals – from quartz crystals that power watches, silicon crystals in LED screens, to synthetic sapphire crystals in laser surgery? Did you also know that crystals have more subtle uses – they can help transform your life, be it by better physical health, improved finances, mental clarity, harmonious relationships, and even a stronger spiritual connection? 

If you are interested, then Pranic Crystal Healing can be the next step in taking control of your wellbeing, as well as that of your family and friends. 

In this fascinating course, you learn concepts, principles and techniques to apply the natural power of crystals to enhance all areas of your life. You learn about the three essential properties of crystals and five factors that determine the potency of any crystal to enable you to invest your money wisely in purchasing your next gemstone. 


Discover secrets to enhance your healing ability by over 100%. In Pranic Healing, healers use crystals to help rapidly resolve everyday physical and psychological ailments to great effect.  


Learn how to draw in prosperity energy to your home or business and improve your finances, even while you are asleep!


Experience the protective power of crystals and how they can be used to prevent stress-energy from building up in your system and help you feel less drained during the day. 


Improve relationships at home and work. Certain colour crystals can be used to bring loving-kindness,  harmony and happiness to your personal and professional situations.

Self Development 

Enhance your assertiveness, courage, drive, will power, mental clarity, spirituality and much more by incorporating the tremendous art of using crystals and gemstones into your life. 


Sign up today to get Crystal Clear! 

Les Flitcroft will be teaching Psychic Self Defense on 16th November 2019, and Pranic Crystal Healing course on 17th November 2019, at Holiday Inn, Maidenhead.  

10 Creative Ways to Declutter your Life

10 Creative Ways to Declutter
Your Life

Clearing out cupboards and drawers?
Streamlining the wardrobe?
Cleaning out the car?
Emptying the loft?

But have you ever thought about de-cluttering your mind?

Our minds are just like computers processing data. This data consists of our thoughts and emotions. Like our attachment to physical clutter, we often hold onto many unnecessary thoughts and emotions.
Sound familiar?
By de-cluttering your mind you can feel less stressed, calmer, relaxed and have the clarity to make better decisions… such as what stays and what goes from the loft.

Here are ten ways to maintain a decluttered life, from the inside-out:
1) Healthy eating – a well-balanced and nutritious diet are important for a healthy body. Incorporate fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables into your meals as they contain more energy (prana) than cooked and processed foods. Throw out all of the out of date foodstuffs in your cupboards.

2) Exercise – aside from your body releasing ‘feel good’ chemicals, certain types of exercises can expel stress and tension from your system, invigorate your body and give it a boost of energy.

3) Be at one with nature – spend time outdoors and allow your body to absorb revitalising energy from the sun, the air and the ground. 
4) Breathe –try deep abdominal breathing for 2 minutes, pausing after the inhale and again after the exhale to relieve stress and tiredness, the rush of fresh prana into your system will invigorate you.

5) Meditate – scientific research has proven that certain meditations, particularly the Twin Hearts Meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, improve physical health and enhance overall well-being.

6) Clear your space – whether it’s your house, workplace or even your car when it is clear you become less cluttered in the mind. This allows for a calmer outlook, less distraction and greater focus. 

7) Get organised – schedule and keep a diary to stay on top of commitments. This helps to keep your mind in check so that it doesn’t need to continually think about everything at the same time. Once it’s scheduled for a specific date and time, you can park it until it’s time to action that task.

8) Express gratitude – spend at least five minutes a day thinking of the things you have to be thankful for. If there’s something you did that could have been done better, visualise yourself doing the right thing and move on. Let go and go on living.

9) Be selective – do you notice that some people just seem to drain you of your energy? Find people who are upbeat and positive, they will make you feel uplifted and energised.

10) Forgive, forgive, forgive – a truly priceless way to unchain and de-clutter from the past. By forgiving you become free to move forward in life.

It’s the things that we can’t necessarily see that affect us the most,
by understanding energy, our lives become clearer, lighter and brighter.

Join the many parents, business professionals, sports people and even medical staff, taking the first step to de-clutter and transform their lives.  (

How Pranic Healing literally transformed my life

Mark was diagnosed with a rare sleep disorder at the age of 16, a condition which leads to him sleeping continuously for days, weeks and months without any apparent cause or reason.

Throughout his teens and young adulthood, his life was marred by a rare neurological disorder which led him to suffer long periods of excessive sleep, mood disturbances and binge eating, that rendered him unable to work for over 5 years throughout his 20’s.

With every area of life affected, Mark sought support through prescribed medication and a host of different interventions, yet found minimal relief until a chance encounter one day with a little known complementary therapy changed not only his health but his entire life.

Growing up in Reading, Berkshire, Mark had enjoyed a happy and carefree childhood, with two younger siblings and loving, supportive parents who worked hard to provide the best for their family.

School life and sports had been much the same for Mark as for any other teenager growing up.

However, as he approached 16 years of age, subtle changes in his energy levels started to affect his ability. Gradually, he became disorientated and withdrawn and recalls how he struggled to understand even the simplest of tasks.

From the outside it seemed he was reluctant to motivate himself, appearing to make less effort at school and opting out of socialising.

As the lethargy persisted, other symptoms began to appear and it soon became apparent to his parent’s that the issue was far greater than their son becoming a lazy teenager who needed to take life more seriously.

Over time Mark’s sleep pattern become increasingly abnormal. His waking hours became less and less with episodes of excessive sleep encroaching upon every aspect of life.

Whilst his friends studied and sat their exams, Mark missed long periods of school and the opportunity to experience the carefree life of a teenager. Normal activities of living became a challenge. His parents struggled to wake him to wash and eat, his diet wavered erratically between prolonged times without food to binge eating during the increasingly scarce waking hours.

As the years passed, Mark missed his A-Levels, had to leave his first job through lack of attendance, and whilst his friends left for University, began careers and relationships Mark slept for five days of every week, needing continuous support from his parents to understand reality.

“It was like he was a prisoner in his own mind. Mark used to say it was like looking at life through a window and we just felt helpless. No matter what we did, there was just nothing we could do to help him out.” – David Willis (Father)

Months of investigations and several episodes of this progressive and overbearing sleep disorder passed before Mark and his parents were given some insight into what was happening.

They were told the cause of Mark’s suffering was a condition called ‘Kleine-Levin Syndrome’, a rare and complex neurological disorder characterised by recurring periods of excessive sleep, binge eating, altered behaviour and a reduced understanding of the world, sometimes referred to as ‘Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.’

At first, they were relieved to have a name for the condition bringing so much distress to their family, yet as time went on it became apparent that none of the interventions they could source was able to relieve Mark’s symptoms with any success.

Mark existed in a disconnected state of apathy, lacking either the emotion or the energy to engage in life.

Instead, he drifted on in a disorientated, dream-like haze where experiencing any enjoyment was rapidly slipping out of reach and any progress in life was repeatedly thwarted by seemingly endless darkness.

“He would just look through you, wouldn’t react to anything going on around him but when he was out of it he’d ask questions. It was an existence.”  – Pauline Willis (Mother)

In between these almost catatonic episodes, Mark attempted to live healthily, eating well, exercising, studying personal development and positive psychology, investigating a host of therapies in a continuous search for ways to reduce the symptoms and improve his health and mindset.

Severe anxiety and the psychological impact of living with the condition persisted, yet he was determined to discover a way to feel happier, find peace of mind and an effective pathway to recovery.

Mark began training as a Life Coach and Personal Trainer and managed to secure some shifts at a local gym, to get back into ‘real life’.

It was there that he met Les Flitcroft, who practised Pranic Healing.

With the body’s innate ability to self-heal being at the heart of the therapy, Mark describes feeling a natural affiliation with the system and was reassured there was hope of recovery.

Intrigued to try the therapy, Mark was amazed by the positive differences within just a few sessions. With repeated treatments, his symptoms lessened, the episodes reduced in frequency and severity, and he finally discovered the empowerment to take control and improve all areas of his life.

“I’d tried lots of things, I’d try them for a time then that was it, they wouldn’t stick. When I discovered Pranic Healing I thought, ‘this is it, this is going to be what makes the difference’, then things started to make sense, I understood more, life began to change” 

Over just a short time, the simple yet effective techniques of Pranic Healing created such a remarkable and profound transformation that Mark decided to learn the techniques himself.

With empathy for the suffering of others and the drive to help as he’d been helped, Mark used his newfound skills to set up a treatment clinic reaching out to anyone needing to overcome physical or emotional conditions of ill health.

He is now one of the growing numbers of the Institutes of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland Instructors and dedicates his life to helping others heal and achieve life-changing results as he did.

Top 5 Compelling Reasons Why Crystal Healing Can Change Your Life

Why do Crystals hold such a fascination with us, and why are highly successful people using them? These stones from the earth are now becoming a hot accessory to those which are finding out about their superpowers. Are there secrets to Crystals and what they can do? Can they really transform your life?

Read our top 5 reasons why these little glittering beauties can do just that

1. Rapid Healing with Crystals

Using a laser crystal during a Pranic Healing session can rapidly help to heal physical or emotional issues. The crystal works like an amplifier, and the healer can heal more complex cases in a shorter period of time. Using a crystal increases the healing power by over 100% and speeds up the healing.

2. Remove negative emotions from your system

Negative emotions such as stress, fear, or anger can be extracted easily from your energy system, enabling you to live a life free from negative belief patterns that are holding you back.

3. Protecting your energies

Specific techniques can be learnt using crystals and gemstones to create barriers or shields so that you don’t absorb unhelpful energies, which can make you feel drained.

4. Promote prosperity in your home or office

Watch your finances improve while you sleep! Certain crystals and a specific technique can draw in these favorable energies to your home or for your business.

5. Bring loving energies into your relationships

Whether you are looking for love, or need some harmony in a current relationship, then crystal healing can help.

Intrigued? Then the Pranic Crystal Course explains the science behind this art, which is empowering and transforming many people’s lives.

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Pranic Healing & Crystals – A Powerful Partnership

Certain negative thoughts, emotions or stress that we create in our lives affect our health. Some 85% of physical ailments are due to stress.

Whether we have had these negative emotions since childhood or if they are new, it doesn’t matter because the beauty of Pranic Crystal Healing is that these negative emotions can be removed from our system quickly and without the need to relive any trauma. Can you imagine walking around feeling happier, lighter and more at peace with one self and others?

You might be wondering what Pranic Healing is, and finding it difficult to comprehend some thing you can’t see. Let alone how the two work together. But just because we cant see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just think about the discovery of electricity. Was it always there?

Pranic Healing is a non-touch energy healing technique, which has been scientifically validated and tested. It is also based on the natural laws of nature.

When a Pranic healer incorporates a crystal in a treatment, it raises the bar; the healing potential can increase by over 100%. The specific movements and the step-by-step process of consecrating the crystal increases it’s power there by rapidly accelerating the healing. What this means is that many ailments can be healed quickly and the healer is able to help more people.

To bring this powerful partnership into your life register today.

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How To Bring More Positivity Into Your Life Using Crystal Healing

Whether we verbalise it or not, most of us crave for good health, prosperity, happiness and a yearning for a sense of belonging.

Sometimes our words and actions animate the opposite. So why is that? Is it perhaps that deep down we feel that we don’t deserve it? But where did these thoughts and feelings come from in the first place, and how to we remove them to create a happier, positive more fulfilled life?

Our mind creates between 20,00-80,00 thoughts a day. Our mind is like a computer; it never has a day off. We live in a sea of energy, which is pervasive; it affects every area of our lives. If we are stressed, our health and relationships suffer as we have the tendency to take it out on those we love the most!

If we are feeling low and depressed, we physically fee lethargic, we lose our dynamism and the drive to get out there and make money be successful. If we feel disconnected with others, with ourselves, we lose sight of our goals. Being Spiritual means some ones that is connected, dynamic, and has a sharp mind.

Crystals can be used in a Pranic Healing treatment to remove stress and anxiety or any other unhelpful feeling that is within our system, which prevents us from moving forward in life.

Crystals can be worn or placed in the home or office. The various colours are not only pleasing to the eye, but they have specific powerful properties. Certain colours have a cleansing effect on the body, some help to bring more loving energy to you or into an area helping to harmonise relationships or draw in more love for you.

Some activate certain energy centres within you to give you more drive and get up and go, therefore creating prosperity.
Wearing the wrong crystals or gems could cause problems, emotions or financial difficulty, proving that these little gems are more powerful then you can imagine.

Welcome the world of Crystal Healing into your life, if you really want to transform to a positive place. Good health, prosperity, and good relationships what more can one ask for?

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Pranic Healing Levels 2 and 3

The Better it gets… the Better it gets!

I have been meaning to write this post for weeks… and now weeks have turned into months… and a brand new year.
Last October I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend not just one, but two Pranic Healing courses in my neighbouring Gibraltar: Pranic Healing Level 2 and Pranic Healing Level 3. That is a wonder in itself, but being taught by the one and only Les Flitcroft, took my learning experience – and the magic of that weekend – to a whole other level!

Earlier in 2017, I was blown away by the skills I gained from my very first Pranic Healing course. Level 1 was such an eye-opener into the way we can tap into the very natural resource that is prana, to help heal others and ourselves energetically; quickly, safely and effectively. You can read all about the types of things you will typically learn on a Level 1 Pranic Healing course here.

Pranic Healing is as spiritual as it is scientific.

Broken down from our largest to smallest components, everything within us (and around us) is energy, after all. And what Pranic Healing does in its simplest form, is cleanse the body of negative (diseased) energy, replacing it with positive (life-giving) energy, referred to as prana. This is carried out through the major and minor chakras. And in Pranic Healing, there are an extensive 11 chakras, as well as over two hundred mini chakras. This makes it super effective as an alternative form of healing.


But then it’s the body which does the true work, for it has an innate ability to re-programme itself, to correct any chemical imbalances. It’s quite a beautiful design.

To see a practitioner carry the process out, you are, frankly, reminded of a scene from The Bible, with Jesus healing the sick. But in truth, many religions have hinted that we all have access to this healing energy – not just a chosen few. This is certainly not to downplay the vital role of traditional medicine, however, even after a Level 1 course, the skills obtained are life-changing enough that you will almost certainly find yourself running off to the GP’s surgery a little less. And that’s just for starters.


But today I am going to write a little (for you really have to go on a course to experience the magic for yourself) about the types of skills Level 2 and Level 3 Pranic Healing will equip you with.

Level 2 is a course which essentially teaches us to implement colour prana to heal all manner of ailments and diseases, large and small, from A-Z, no stone left un-turned. Be it the immune system, the heart, cancer, gastrointestinal, respiratory, skeletal, reproductive or a condition of the nervous system, Pranic Healing can help immensely… sometimes even creating ‘miracles’. Again, this is in no shape or form to downplay the vital role of traditional medicine. But PH can act as a brilliant and highly effective complementary therapy.

Since the course I have helped a friend who awaits a lung transplant, treated back problems, joint problems, sore throat, a days’ long migraine (that vanished within the hour), giant insect bites, gingivitis and chronic eczema – all via colour prana healing.

The Level 3 Pranic Psychotherapy course is equally fascinating for it arms us with the tools to treat a vast range of behavioural issues and addictions. It almost seems too simple in its approach to be true… but then you put the methods to the test and the proof is very much in the Pranic pudding.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction can be overcome in a matter of sessions.
Phobias can be weakened and in some cases diminished.
Anxiety and Grief issues can be soothed and often resolved completely.
Anger can be dissipated gently, safely and within minutes.

I have been especially blown away at the number of people I have helped treat for anxiety, grief, anger, depression and stress, using this specific healing technique since the course.

The only way we can measure a treatment’s success in those circumstances is via the feedback we receive from clients. And when we are told patients are sleeping properly, motivated to take positive actions in their lives, feeling light and unburdened, we know we’re definitely not imagining the magical properties of Pranic Healing.

If you make one New Year’s Resolution in 2018, book yourself in for a course and find out more about this very special alternative method of healing today.

For more about Pranic Healing, click here to read all about the fabulous work of the Institute of Pranic Healing UK & Ireland.

– Isabella May


Moving on

“Do not be unhappy. The past is the past” MCKS

What are you holding on to?

Are you congesting your life with unnecessary hoarding?

Do you constantly need more storage at home, on your mobile and on your computer to contain all of your possessions & data?

Do you really need all of it?

It’s no different to the thoughts and emotions we cling on to everyday of our lives. Thoughts and emotions that can overwhelm and engulf our energetic system, like a tight knit cocoon that can eventually consume us and prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Preventing us from thinking straight or functioning as efficiently as we’d like to.

Do you realise that your mind creates between twenty and eighty thousand thoughts per day?

These thoughts are often related to words that have already been spoken, actions already carried out and deeds already done. We can’t change any of it, it’s happened, it’s over, it’s the past.

So we often find ourselves worrying about the past, creating anxieties about the future, generating thought after thought that serves us no purpose other than to take up storage space in our mind.

What are you thinking right now? What thoughts are filling your space? Once you can become aware of your thought patterns you can take the steps to clean and purify your head space.

Now imagine being able to clear your head space at will, on a regular basis. Not only will you feel lighter, clearer, more focused and able to cope with your busy life, you will be making space for more energy to flow around your system which in turn will leave you feeling, re-energised & revitalised.

Incorporating tools & techniques that really do work into your busy daily life is easy once you know how.

Are you ready to de-clutter and move on?